Club Mascot Hogan Honored With Commissioned Oil Painting

One of the most well-loved members of the Old Chatham family is being honored with a commissioned oil painting that now hangs in the Old Chatham club house. Hogan, the club’s black Labrador mascot, is featured in a portrait by Mark Young, a contemporary realist from Roanoke, Va. Hogan’s portrait was presented as part of Old Chatham’s course reopening celebration last fall.

Hogan is a favorite of many Old Chatham members, including John Schade, a painter who specializes in western Native American themes and who spearheaded the Hogan portrait project. Schade has even credited Hogan for closing the deal that got him to join Old Chatham, after Hogan accompanied him on an enjoyable golf cart ride around the course. He says that his story is not unique, but that many club members have a similar tale and a great relationship with the club mascot. Many club members made generous donations to this project; in fact, there was extra money available for donation to the Chatham Animal Rescue and Education, Inc. (CARE).

Hogan’s favorite pastimes include riding around the course with director of operations John Marino, and greeting members as they enter the pro shop. Hogan even has his own specialty clothing line featured in the pro shop: hats, shirts, sweaters and accessories with Hogan’s own personal logo of a black Lab with short legs, a stocky tail and a red collar. He has been a familiar and friendly face at the club for more than eight years. The member relations director reports that when Hogan had a tumor removed in 2012, more members read and responded to the emails about Hogan’s treatment than they had to any other club-wide email ever sent.

Although he is the only member of the Old Chatham family that does not actually play golf, Hogan’s passion for the game and the club’s members is unmatched. This portrait of him is well deserved and will be a favorite piece of art in the club.