1,000 Degrees of Fahrenheit

Almost midway into the summer today is predicted to become the 10th day of triple digit high temperatures so far this year in central North Carolina.  For all practical purposes we are tied with last years record setting warm temperatures and there are no signs of any impending cold fronts.

The temperature patterns of the last 10 years in central North Carolina can be summed up in three words:  Hot and Dry.

Some statistics specific to 2011:

  1. We have recorded multiple days with soil temperatures of 100 degrees or higher at a 2 inch depth in our greens!
  2. On July 22, 2011 our soil sensors recording a soil temperature of 92 degrees at a 7 inch depth in our 11th green.
  3. In the 50 days between June 16 and August 2, only 4 days experienced a daily high temperature which fell beneath the average high temperature for that date.  Conversely, 46 of the 50 days experienced a high temperature above the average high temperature for the same date.
  4. 1,320 = The number of miles we estimate the staff has driven in a utility vehicle cooling only greens in the heat in the last 50 days!!!! That’s equal to travelling from the Old Chatham Golf Course Maintenance facility to Disney World and back.  (We did have about 50 miles left over but thought that may be used getting lost looking for golf balls along the interstate).  The summer is not over and more “miles” are certain accumulate.  At a blistering 10 miles an hour top speed the world is our oyster.