Attention to Detail at Old Chatham

We are pleased to report that recent sunlight and a reprieve from the heavy precipitation have combined to offer ideal conditions for optimum growth and health of the new Bermudagrass seedlings.

What will the course maintenance project mean to your golf game? When Old Chatham Golf Club was first built in 2001, it was designed to play as a firm, fast course. One of the many benefits of a club whose singular focus is golf is the ability to devote our resources to the features that will maximize the playing experience for our members.

The aeration and top dressing of the fairways, tees and approaches is an ongoing, multi-year project designed to optimize the playing surfaces to be firm, fast and healthy. One way to achieve this goal is repetitive aeration and top dressing with sand, which allows for the removal of organic material and the increased drainage necessary for root growth and strength.

The timing of the project coincides with the optimal rate of growth for our grass species, which minimizes the healing time. We also scheduled our maintenance project for the same time the greens are aerated, so that there is only one time in the year when our greens, fairways, tees and approaches are healing. In the past, we experienced three or four such periods. The results of these efforts are cumulative and ongoing, with the firmness and health of the turf improving each year.

These firm, fast conditions reward a well-executed golf shot, allowing it to roll a longer distance compared to a shot on a course with soft, spongy fairways. By the same token, a shot that is not struck on the proper line will have a greater likelihood of running through the fairway and ending up in the rough, in a bunker, or in a hazard. You are going to be challenged, making this tremendous attention to detail worth it in the end. Firm, fast conditions are the ultimate test of championship play, and you need only look to this year’s British Open Championship at Muirfield to see the impact of these types of conditions.

Knowledgeable, discerning golfers will appreciate the ongoing commitment of Old Chatham to provide the extraordinary attention to our course, as it will ultimately give them the best fairway and approach conditions for their game.