Course Conditions Update

Spring looks like it is finally ready to stick around, and the Old Chatham Golf Club staff are very pleased with this as it means regular golf times and the chance to enjoy the course. We have made some substantial course improvements recently and are very happy to report that those changes have had a very positive effect on the course.

Aeration and Topdressing

In the past we have had to close the course for two days for each of the greens aerations in March, June, and August, as well as for two or three days for aeration and topdressing of fairways and tees in July. Each of these procedures would additionally be followed by a two to four week “healing period,” a time when course conditions would be less than optimal. With the improvements we have made, that pattern will change this year and going forward because the playing surfaces of the entire golf course are now all warm season grasses, a type of grass that allows us to accomplish all the necessary aeration and topdressing requirements at one time.

Native Grass Plantings

We are excited to continue our warm-season native grass plantings. The major area of focus for 2013 will be a massive planting stretching from the 17th greens complex to the area beside the 15th tee complex and down the hill to the area behind the 14th green. This planting will occur in three stages, beginning in late April and scheduled for completion near the end of May. Not only do these plantings enhance the golf course visually, but they are also important in the way they reduce the amount of pine straw that is used at the course, helping Old Chatham keeping expenses down. We will continue to enhance the out-of-play areas with native grasses throughout the golf course over the next few years.