Golf Club Traditions: New and Old

Old Chatham Golf Club members believe deeply in golf as a game of honor and tradition, and enjoy the history and stories of Pinehurst, U.S. Opens past and present, and have been well entertained by the stories of visiting golf caddies, golf psychologists and touring golf pros over the years. At Old Chatham Golf Club we are also creating our own history, stories and traditions.

An oil painting of the Club’s mascot Hogan, the cherished black lab who passed away in June of last year and who is the centerpiece of much of Old Chatham’s early history, hangs in the entranceway of the Club. Hogan’s presence not only made you feel at home, but also helped to define the Old Chatham experience by embodying the most signifying element of the club – simply that we are glad to have you among us. He was always there with a friendly welcome or a warm greeting after a round, ever ready to celebrate or console. His essence became symbolic of the Old Chatham experience.

With this in mind, The Board of Directors decided to name our Spring Member –Guest tournament “The Hogan,” beginning with this year’s event in May.  It is a social/golf event that welcomes your guests the same way Hogan did into our home for the weekend, telling them we are glad to have you among us.

As Old Chatham’s first member-guest tournament of this year, the Hogan attracted nearly 100 participants during the festivities held May 16-18. The event included practice rounds and cocktails on the evening of the first day prior to actual game play.

Old Chatham congratulates all who took part in this historic commemorative event, and all those who continue to create the stories that will one day be our history.