Golf in the…Snow?

With snow lightly blanketing the Triangle, we thought it would be fun to see how golfers who live in much colder climates satisfy their need to play throughout the winter months.

Although there is much to be said in favor of North Carolina weather, seeing these beautiful pictures of Artic snow golf is enough to make some of us want to jump in a plane heading far up North, rather than down towards sun-drenched tropical islands.

A little closer to home, in Chicago we see four men braving the cold weather to play golf year-round at the Cog Hill in Lemont:

Want to make snow golf even more challenging?  Put on a pair of skis and swing!

Or, how about a pair of snowshoes?

If you are up for the challenge of a round of snow golf, here are some things to remember:

-Take a few minutes to stretch, as muscles are tighter in the cold.

-Swing Easy (always a good idea!).

-Stay Hydrated.

-Swing through the ball with a sweeping motion, rather than hitting down on the ball.

-Don’t use a white ball (okay, so that one you may have figured out on your own!).

-Have fun!

Have you ever played a round of Snow Golf?  Do tell.