Painting Greens


clubhouseWhen cooler weather arrives and chilly winds whisk around the greens, many golf courses lose their signature lush green color. At Old Chatham, though, we make sure that our putting greens have a consistent look and feel throughout the year.

Covering the ultradwarf bermuda grass greens on cold evenings means that members don’t have to worry about frost delays changing their morning round, and that the putting surface rolls pure and true all year round.  Spray painting golf greens is a tried-and-true method in the golf industry of ensuring that even when winter weather turns grass brown, golfers can enjoy high-quality aesthetics while they play. Of course, not everyone is familiar with the process.

Our hardworking assistant superintendents oversee painting of our beautiful greens, and take painstaking measures to ensure that finished greens live up to Old Chatham standards. The paint we use is specifically designed to adhere to grass.

Painting a green takes about 30 minutes, with each green sprayed twice – both clockwise and counterclockwise. This helps spread the paint evenly and gives all greens a consistent look.

The paint dries in just a few hours, but lasts a couple of months. We spray our greens once in late fall (see the picture below), and once more before spring arrives. All of this is done for the benefit of our members, and we hope that they are able to enjoy excellent golf no matter the season.

If you see one of our assistant superintendents out on the greens, be sure to stop and say thanks for all their excellent, hard work. Happy golfing!