That Elusive Ace In The Hole

There’s something poetic about hitting a hole in one — something about wrapping your head around the idea that a tiny white ball can go into a tiny hole more than 100 or so yards away. It is akin to finding a needle in a haystack — only more difficult!

A hole in one is among the most prized achievements in sports. Obviously, the odds are ridiculously low. In fact, there are PGA players who have yet to hit one themselves, and luck plays a major role in this as well. Of course, skill has something to do with it too, which is why we’re happy to report that two of our club members recently hit this mark — on the same hole, no less. And one of them hit a hole in one two days in a row.

Old Chatham member Dick Hawkins, 59, accomplished this unbelievable feat on Friday, Oct. 4, and then again on Saturday, Oct. 5. He used the same club both times, a six iron; he hit them on the same hole, the 17th; and he likely celebrated both days by taking the money of partners Dennis Dougherty and Mitch Mumma (Doug Townsend joined the group Oct. 4 but was absent for the second feat).

What’s even more amazing is that the pin placement was different on both days. On Oct. 4, the shot was 178 yards from the tee, with the pin located on the back right of the green — a pretty challenging spot. On Oct. 5, it was 170 yards to the pin, which was located at the front left of the green.

But Hawkins was not the only member to achieve such a milestone at Old Chatham that weekend. Also on Oct. 5, Dr. Ryan Burleson, 37, managed to hit a hole in one on the 17th hole as well.

How amazing that two of our members could reach this elusive goal — on the same exact day, to boot. And the 17th hole isn’t the easiest on the course; if anything, at 150 yards the second hole would be more likely to see its fair share of holes in one. But that’s just the way it goes in the game of golf.

Congratulations to both Hawkins and Burleson on this amazing feat. Not everyone gets to celebrate this, but hopefully these men did. We are very proud of both members!