The Ideal Golf Course

It seems only fitting that the first post of the Old Chatham golf course management blog would coincide with Masters week. With golf front center in the news on perhaps the worlds finest stage its interesting to reflect on a quote made 84 years ago and how it rings true even today:

The Ideal Golf Course: “It must certainly be a course which the champions will respect and this cannot be unless it is to call forth their finest effort. It must be a real test of their skill and if there be a weakness in their repertoire of strokes it shall uncover their short-comings. On the other hand it must give enjoyment to those of lesser skill and of minor talent; and above all it must awaken interest in the youth and lead him to develop the best that is in him. It will indeed reward power; but only when that power is controlled and precisely used. The ideal course shall be all this and yet more. It will regard those of limited strength and those whose vigor is passing. For those latter, it will always hold out the joyous opportunity to play those more cultivated strokes which years of training on the green have refined and which do not depend upon mere power.” Robert Hunter – The American Golfer January 1927