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“When my friend invited me to play at Old Chatham, I was, of course, immediately impressed by the golf course and the club house, but I was more impressed by the members and staff that I met. There was a welcoming feel to the club that made me feel at home. I knew this was a place I wanted to be a part of.”

“We chose Old Chatham because of the welcoming atmosphere. My wife and I feel comfortable on the course and in the clubhouse. There is a great sense of belonging here.”

“Why did I join? My guests are always treated like members, and it’s a great atmosphere to do business in. I always know when I’m bringing a client out for lunch or golf or both that the staff and experience will be first class.”

“I fell in love with the course and atmosphere at Old Chatham after my first round as a guest last year. I am honored to be welcomed into the membership.”

“I love the manicuring of the course and the attention to the details of a great golf experience.”

“Old Chatham gives me a place to relax.  I’ve made great friends and business connections here.”

“We moved from San Francisco a year ago and started look for our golf club before our house.  It’s an important part of our lifestyle.  It’s where we enjoy each other and meet peers and friends.  Old Chatham offered the level of service and quality of people we are accustomed to.”

“The main reasons I joined are the great membership and staff.”