Hogan is Everpresent At Old Chatham

On September 8, 2014, Global Golf Post helped preserve the memory of Hogan, Old Chatham Golf Club’s Director of Golf John Marino’s beloved black lab, in their touching account of his life. Hogan was the club’s unofficial mascot for a decade, bringing smiles to member’s faces with his sparkling brown eyes, loving nature, and unwavering spirit.  Hogan could be seen napping the afternoon’s away in the middle of the golf shop, riding shotgun with Marino around the course, and wagging his tail as he posed with golfers coming in from the 18th hole.  To commemorate Hogan, Old Chatham named its 2014 spring competition “The Hogan,” representing the camaraderie of the club and its members. Click here to hear more about Hogan’s story.