Old Chatham is a private golf club where successful people escape the rigors of life through a shared enjoyment and respect for the great game of golf and one another. It is a friendly Club where old friends are enjoyed and meeting new friends is expected.

Old Chatham is a Club where the history and traditions of golf are honored, and where good manners are always top of mind. It is a Club that can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates the beauty and subtlety of the game regardless of skill level.

The golf course design and maintenance keep play fun, interesting and challenging, yet fair.

The federally protected land that surrounds the golf course protects the course from development, creating a private, retreat-like atmosphere for members and their guests.

Members enjoy the ability to play golf without the need for tee times, and always know they can get away and relax in a quiet and safe environment. In keeping with this philosophy- that Old Chatham is for the enjoyment of its members and their guests- outside events are limited to only a few days on the course per year, and they are never allowed in the clubhouse.